A History of Daggett Truck Line

D.W. Daggett was in business in the Frazee area in the early 1900s with a livery stable.  Among his early drayage contracts were hauling supplies and men to the winter lumber camps of the mill at Frazee.  Later he began building roads using only horsepower.

Trucks became a natural evolution in his business and were first used for hauling gravel for the roadwork.  The first motor trucks, three dump trucks, were bought in 1920.  In the winter, the trucks were used for hauling pulpwood into the railroad siding in Frazee.

In 1925, D.W. built the Daggett Filling Station, which still stands at the east end of Main Street.  By 1930, D.W.’s son,Vernon began gathering up livestock in the Frazee area and hauling them to the new Armour packing plant in West Fargo, North Dakota, where he would sell his load for the farmers.  He would then load hay near Downer, Minnesota and bring it back to Frazee to sell to the farmers.

The business grew with the addition of the International Harvester line of pickups, trucks and farm tractors and implements in 1933.

With the expansion of the business, more spacious quarters were needed for the trucks and trailers.  Up to forty trucks per day were leaving and returning to the Frazee base of Daggett’s at the east end of Main Street.  In 1959 Vernon purchased 22 acres of land on the west edge of Frazee.

Until 1960 livestock was the primary haul for the Daggett Firm.  Loads originated at West Fargo and Winnipeg, were hauled to packing plants in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and Washington.  Refrigerated hauling started in 1960.  Our first frozen turkeys from area turkey plants were hauled to Midwest and east coast cities.

Since then, many local industries have looked to Daggett’s for their transportation needs.

Frazee Idealease, founded in 1982, supplies trucks and trailers to area businesses under long term lease contracts.

Celebrating over 90 years in business, today the operation continues under the guidance of Vernon’s grandsons, Fred, Chris and Charlie Daggett with over 50 company tractors and 10 owner-operators.